Party at the Palace in style

Author: Denise Stimpson

Have you been invited to party at the Palace? 5000 ladies are invited every week through May and June and many can be seen wearing chesca. Whether they sport a chiffon dress with silk jacket or a pleat dress or a feminine flared linen, they feel at home for that special Royal intro, A hat to complete the outfit is the all important accessory and chesca has now had in 30 new styles , all in colours which mix and match.

A silky chiffon shawl is another key accessory - try a Royal hat and shawl with our tangerine print dress or a turquoise hat with navy silk dress and jacket to match the turquoise flowers in the print......Don’t worry about meeting someone in the same dress - we have more than 500 different dresses/outfits and each can be differently paired.

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