What is Plus Size in the UK? Providing Women of All Sizes With Stylish And Flattering Clothes

Author: Neha Vispute

At Chesca, we’re very proud of our ability to source amazing clothing for plus size women. We think that every woman deserves to look amazing on every occasion. We also want to educate and empower women when it comes to sizing. Here, we’ll go into some interesting detail about the term, ‘plus size’.

Defining Plus Size in the UK

So, what exactly is plus size? Truthfully, there’s no official answer to that when it comes to sizing in the UK. Each designer and each seller can really define the term as they wish. As of now, it seems as if nobody can really agree on the definition of plus size!

Why the Lack of Consensus?

Some of it is simply perspective. A very petite woman may view a size ten as being plus size. A woman wearing a size eight might find that notion to be ridiculous, declaring that plus sizes start at 16.

Vanity Sizing and a Lack of Sizing Standards

To make things even more complicated, there’s the issue of vanity sizing. This is a practice some designers use to make women feel as if they fit into smaller sizes. So, a size 7 produced by one design house could actually be a size 10 somewhere else. This could be flattering at first, but makes shopping even more confusing for plus size women.

Finally Progress!

There is good news. Attitudes regarding plus size clothing are changing for the better. Designers are now embracing their plus size customers and making some amazing clothing for them. Women who wear larger sizes are becoming more vocal in their demands for stylish clothing that helps them look great.

Chesca Plus Size Clothing

While each of our designers may vary slightly in the sizes they offer, we make every effort to provide our customers with a consistent shopping experience. The clothing we feature is generally between sizes 12 and 24. We believe this allows us to cater to nearly every curvy woman. Most important of all, we hold every designer to the highest standards when it comes to offering well-made clothing in a variety of styles.

Some of our clothing ranges include:

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