Little Pieces of Heaven...

Author: Kiran Heer

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Now I know you must be disappointed in our so called summer, you bought new bold prints for those scorching summer days you were hoping for. If there's one thing we can depend on England for are those rainy days. Put those summer pieces away and sneak a peek into our Autumn Winter collection where you can be guaranteed that our Gerry Weber Taupe Silky Padded Jacket will be put to good use! Who said you can't be stylish whilst being drenched in raindrops? (Don't worry we also have weather resistant macs that will keep you dry)

Put the summer season behind you and focus on our versatile winter pieces that will surely keep heads turning! ¬Themes of soft mint and pale taupe, and shades of blue will keep your winter wardrobe up to date. Try our Basler Mint Mohair and Alpaca Blend Short Coat with a matching Fine Knit Turtle Neck Jumper for a sophisticated look. For a more relaxed look, why not pair our Gerry Weber Quilted Down Gilet with a soft Stripe-Knit Jumper that will shout casual chic.

All is not lost! You can still pair your spring summer pieces with our Autumn Winter collection. Our colour palettes for spring and winter will match perfectly.

p.s. Be the first to feel fabulous and prepared in our glamorous Basler Reversible Faux Fur Coat, I know how I will be treating myself!