Sizing Chart

At Chesca, we take great care of our FIT. To feel attractive, comfortable, and confident, it is essential that we should give you the very best fit we can. For us to do this, you need to know what plus size is in the UK, so below we provide you with our very own size guide. 

About Our Range

Did you know that every garment in the range is fitted by the owner of Chesca, Jacqui Green, herself a size 20, who checks not only the bust, waist and hips, but also that the arm circumference is not too tight, shoulders are feminine and all the lumps and bumps disappear. Sleeves on our jackets are not only made to fit the tall, but have our unique split cuff to ensure little girls a perfect fit. Our trousers are 31-32 inches inside leg, but are parallel legs, which can be shortened easily.

The #1 Rule

Remember, you can always shorten items, but never lengthen them! If you order trousers on line, please advise if you would like to choose your length (inside length) and we will customize them for you in our design room. Let us know, if you have any ideas - we love to listen! Check our size chart.

Chesca's design, fit and style process starts with women's clothing size 20, giving a plus size fit that accentuates your positives through out our range of elegant occasion wear.